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Why Senze Band with the Memorie app is a perfect birthday gift for your child?

Why Senze Band with the Memorie app is a perfect birthday gift for your child?

Are you looking forward to purchase an exciting gift for the upcoming birthday of your child? Instead of giving just another gift, you can think about giving something meaningful this time. This can help you to impress your child, while providing him with a range of benefits.
If you are looking for such a meaningful and a productive birthday gift, you can take a look at Senze Band with the Memorie app. Let’s deep dive and take a look at what they are. Then you will be convinced to give that to your child for his upcoming birthday.

What is SenzeBand?
SenzeBand is a unique and an innovative headband. Any person can think about purchasing this headband regardless of age. In fact, it has the ability to measure and track your focus, attention and mental workload. In addition to that, SenzeBand can effectively track relaxation levels as well. If used correctly, SenzeBand can deliver a range of impressive benefits, which you would love.
The main functionality of SenzeBand is to measure your brain signals. It comes along with six different sensors. They include 2 reference sensors and 4 individual sensors. In SenzeBand, you can also discover electrodes, which portray excellent conductive properties. Hence, it can effectively pick up EEG Signals from the brain.

Functionality of SenzeBand
Before you purchase SenzeBand for your child, it is important to have a basic understanding about the functionality delivered with it. Then you know what your child will be experiencing after you buy it.
When your child is wearing SenzeBand, it would use inbuilt sensors in order to pick up low frequency signals from the forehead. There are four sensors responsible for picking up these signals. Therefore, you will receive four brain signal channels. They are within the range of 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz.
These signals are in a position to provide a better understanding about the state of the brain. That’s the reason why SenzeBand is called as a device, which can measure mental state of a person in real time. It provides ability for a parent to understand whether the child is in a relaxed state or in an excited state. Your child will also be able to analyze brain state and come up with meaningful actions.

Pair SenzeBand with the Memorie app
SenzeBand alone cannot deliver a lot of benefits to your child. If you want to provide the best possible experience out of this headband, you need to think about pairing it with an app called Memorie. In fact, SenzeBand is compatible with a variety of apps, but Memorie holds a prominent place out of them. That’s because Memorie is designed to help your child improve his memorizing capabilities. Hence, you can contribute a lot towards the future of your child by purchasing this app.

Features of Memorie app
Memorie app is designed to train your child with 5 cognitive skills. Here’s a list of those 5 cognitive skills.

• Attention
Attention can be considered as the ability that your child has to concentrate on things, which are important. If your child has improved attention, he will be able to focus more on lessons that are taught at school. On the other hand, it can also help your child to complete day to day tasks with ease. Memorie app can provide a great assistance for your child to improve attention with the help of SenzeBand.

• Memory
When you give SenzeBand with Memorie app to your child as a birthday gift, you will also be able to improve his memory. If your child has a better memory, he will be able to store and retrieve things with ease. This app can subject your little one to a series of memory training exercises. Therefore, your child can develop his memory and do better in his exams.

• Decision making
Decision making is an important skills, which we all should have. It determines the future success in our lives. Hence, it is important to cultivate good decision making capabilities from the childhood. SenzeBand and Memorie app can provide a great help to your child with developing his decision making capabilities as well. That’s because it focuses on training the reasoning skills and logic. As a result, your child will be able to make mindful decisions at the right time and craft his own future.

• Spatial ability
Spatial ability is the ability to reason, understand and remember the spatial relationships that exist in between objects. Having spatial ability can benefit you a lot, especially when you are engaged with day to day tasks such as using maps, working out and driving. You can improve spatial ability in your child by providing SenzeBand with the Memorie app. You child will be able to understand the positions of things and places better. For example, when your child attends school, he or she needs to know where his or her classroom, toilet, canteen, hall are located and be able to go to toilet and come back to their classroom. These are spatial skills which are important which helps them manage day to day activities.

• Cognitive flexibility
Cognitive flexibility would provide you with the opportunity to shift your attention in between many different tasks at a time. This can transform your child to a multi-tasker. If you want to see your little one multi-tasking, all you have to do is to introduce SenzeBand with the Memorie app. You child will be able to juggle between looking and the board and copying on his or her book while listening to the teacher giving instructions, its actually three actions happening at the same time, this is multitasking.
Memorie app is extremely easy to use. It comes along with a graphical interface, which can help your child to play the games while improving their 5 cognitive senses. Hence, your child will fall in love with the app and go on completing games.

Final Words
Now you have found the perfect birthday gift for your child this year. Feel free to go ahead and invest your money in purchasing SenzeBand which comes with the Memorie app. It can deliver an outstanding experience to your child falls in love with it. In the meantime, you can also deliver a range of benefits to your child by helping him with transforming his future into a better one.
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