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Wanting what’s Best for our child

Wanting what’s Best for our child

Remember the time you just knew that you are pregnant, the whole world changes. Everything revolves around this small little being which is going to come out in 9 months time. Here are some of the important tips for you as a new parent:

1. No noise please. Remember to switch of your phone sound and turn the vibrate mode on. Stick a sign at your doorbell, so that the courier service or anyone, which comes, doesn’t ring the doorbell during your baby sleeping time. Any sound that tips off the baby means no time for mummy or daddy for any FREE time.

2. It’s all about the baby – when you are searching on the Internet or youtube, it’s all about baby topics: baby development milestones, which are the best daycare, how to breastfeed effectively, how to sleep train my baby etc. When you meet with your family, your friends, first thing they ask it’s your baby, not you. Try to have sometime time out with your friends or sisters or brothers, just to have some Me time for yourself, so that you can pour out your stress or frustrations or get out of the boring routine just to keep your sanity.

3. A big chunk of my money goes to my baby – Baby daycare or nanny, baby food, milk powder, diapers, baby clothes, baby cot, carrier, car seat, baby stroller all costs a ton of money. After deducting all that on your monthly pay, there’s not much left for yourself. Try to buy used stuff, some things baby needs are just for a few months, so there’s no need to spend on new and expensive baby stuff.

4. Sleep is important – If the baby doesn’t sleep, so do you. You’re time and schedule follows your baby sleep schedule. Other than your baby sleep time, you have chores and work to do. When all things are done, then you can sleep, but if things are not done, you still need to sleep, get some rest; take care of yourself first before the baby.

It’s not easy being a parent so many things to think of, plan ahead and worry for their future…

Start by investing in Neeuro Senze Band and Memorie app, help yourself and your child stay mindfully fit. With a hectic lifestyle, you can have some fun playing games to distress while keeping your mind actively fit. Neeuro Senze Band and Memorie app is suitable for you and your partner. In face it can be use by the whole family including your parents and your future young ones. With 16 interactive and interesting games, it can help you stay focused, train your memory, decision, spatial skills and flexibility.

By being a healthy and fit parent, we can be there for our children, seeing them grow, helping them to stand on their own to be independent, provide them life skills to protect themselves and live a happy life. These are the best gifts that we can offer to our children.