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Brain Training for Seniors
An engaging brain training programme to help improve your cognitive abilities.

Braining for Seniors

Our brains start to slowly decline from the age of 25. This is a normal process due to aging. However it should not be taken lightly. With brain training, we can prevent our cognitive functions from declining.

Braining for Seniors is a programme we have for senior to keep your mental state active constantly. We are able to provide a brain gym for you to keep you healthy and fit for many more years to come. Contact us for more enquiries on our programmes.

Our brains start to slowly decline from the age of 25.
For child growth
Improve your memory

Enhance your memory ability, either is it working memory or long term memory

Perfomance improving
Improve your performance

Improve your ability to perform simple and complex daily tasks

Engage socially

Interact with peers and trainers to keep you active socially

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of declining socially and mentally

Braining Course for Seniors provides

Senzeband for seniors
Measured Outcomes

Braining for seniors course improves skills of attention, memory, spatial skills, decision-making and cognitive flexibility in seniors.

Digital Learning

Our courses uses the Senzeband and Memorie app is co-developed with national research agency A*STAR, to improve cognitive skills in seniors.

Senzeband for elderly
Programme Benefits

Increase your ability to perform better. Train on your focus, logic and other skills. Brain Training Games, Social engagement with peers and trainers.

Detailed Analytics

You will receive comprehensive reports on your performance and improvements. Reports are detailed to each skill trained. You are able to see a quarterly report for the performance after your training sessions.

Insights and analytics on each student’s cognitive data

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