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Brain Games That Will Benefits Your Child

Brain Games That Will Benefits Your Child

Does your child like to play games on your phone or tablet or iPad?
This happens when there’s a free time, when there’s nothing to do. For example before lunch or dinner time while waiting for food to be served, after having lunch or dinner, before going to bed, or even the first thing when your child wakes up in the morning, he or she is asking for a phone or iPad.

How about weekends and school holidays? “I have finished my homework mum”, “ I’ve done the work you asked me to”, “ Can I play with the iPad now?” Does this sound familiar to you?

If I tell you that all these gaming times and effort can be used in a beneficial way, which is fun and interactive at the same time to help improve your child’s brain cognitive function, will you be surprised?

Yes, there is a solution to all this.

Our brain is like any part of our body; it is an organ, which needs to workout in order to stay fit and in top shape. With the latest neurofeedback technology, Neeuro a Singapore company that designed a patented neurofeedback brain training mobile application which pairs with a headband called the Senze Band enable kids to train their brain while playing games. The games that the child plays can help in mainly 5 cognitive functions namely: attention, memory, spatial skills, decision making skills and flexibility.

There are a total of 16 mind challenging games which users can play to help improve in the 5 areas of cognitive ability. These games are suitable for adults, children as well as professionals.

Neuroscientists designed Neeuro Senze Band and the Memorie app. The Memorie app and Senze Band utilizes brainwave technology co-developed with Singapore National Research Agency A*Star to improve cognitive skills in children, adult and senior citizens. By using a non-invasive headband, it sense the brainwaves, it is used to track the user’s attention and mental effort during every session of brain training exercises with playing the games. This helps to improve the user’s cognitive skills.

An experiment was done with 19 kids aged 6 to 12 with ADHD. After training them for 3 times per week, for 8 weeks in a row, the children with ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) has shown improvement in focus up to a 30% with cases of those with more severe signs shows higher improvement rate.

Brain analysis can be done after a month of training to check if there’s any improvement of the brain cognitive functions. Each Senze Band comes with a comprehensive Memorie app which has 10 levels of games to the 16 different games to train the user.

In the sports sector, neurofeedback serves as a new way of training for athletes to train their mind in many ways. Athletes use neurofeedback to improve mind management, mental performance, concentration, memory and to enhance self- awareness. This allows athletes to reduce the chances of errors and allows them to self regulate to correct the error to perform better. This approach has been used by some of the leading performers in sports today. There are also cases which neurofeedback helped a sportsman that lost their performance after an injury to regain their confidence and recover their momentum for further intensive physical training.

With all things considered, neurofeedback is the newest and constructive way to train your brain with long lasting effects. Whether it is for you, your child or your family member, it provides benefits that help you live a fit and healthier life.