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About Us

Neurofeedback Training Centre in Shah Alam

We are a neurofeedback training centre who offer you a solution to build a strong cognitive foundation that will help in school, at work or in your retiring years.

Our brain is the most important organ in our body, without our brain functioning well, all part of our body goes haywire. Like our muscles, our brain needs to be trained or exercised to reach its peak performance in order for us to manage our daily activities efficiently.

For children’s early years, their brains are in a fast developing stage and we want to give them the best for them to have the capacity to grow. Whether your child is a slow learner, with ADHD or lack of focus or memory, or simply want to improve to reach a peak performance academically or in sports, we can help in these areas to improve to learn better and faster.

We understand the importance of physical well being, yet sometimes we do not know the importance of mental fitness. Therefore we also provide brain fitness training programme for Senior citizens who which to prevent their cognitive skills from declination. This helps to enhance their memory, logic and cognitive skills which will improve their ability to perform daily tasks.

For working professionals, we can help to increase attention which in return help to increase productivity at work. We also can train you in terms of decision making and multitasking. We welcome you to pay a visit to Braining 123, the neurofeedback training centre located in Shah Alam, Selangor.

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Our Story

Braining 123 started when I was searching for ways to help my child to improve in her learning ability. In this search I found out about Neurofeedback which was a new technology which can help the brain to improve it’s cognitive function. By training the brain to work harder and better, it was a perfect solution. Then I dug deeper and found out that neurofeedback training can be done at home at your own pace at any time. There’s when I’ve decided that this will be a perfect solution for anyone who wants to train themselves to have a better brain, better life. This is why the neurofeedback training centre is founded.

A Global Crisis

1 out of 11 children in the world is suffering with specials needs including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Disgraphic according to World Health Organization. Professional working people are facing stress which leads to depression in the long term. With the world’s fast ageing population, there are mental complications such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. What could be a better way to improve all these mental challenges?

Grobal Crisis on mental health
Mission of Braining123

Our Belief

At Braining we belief that there is a treatment and prevention for everyone who wants a better life. Neurofeedback is a drug-free solution for anyone who can train consistently at the comfort of their own home without taking medication to improve their brain cognitive function. Children with ADHD or Senior citizens with dementia should have a chance not to take medication to improve their mental health.

Our Mission

To help children, professionals and seniors towards a better mental health with brain training.

We Are Professional Neurofeedback Training Centre in Shah Alam