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Neurofeedback Training for Children

A complete brain training programme to boost your child’s brain activity.

Neurofeedback training for Children
Neurofeedback Training for Seniors

An engaging neurofeedback training programme to help improve your cognitive abilities.

Neurofeedback training for Seniors
Neurofeedback Training for Professionals

An essential brain training programme to keep you mentally fit and at your peak form

Neurofeedback training for Professionals
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Neurofeedback, ADHD and special needs training centre in Shah Alam

Our brain is the most important organ in our body, without our brain functioning well, all part of our body goes haywire.

At Braining, we offer you a solution to build a strong cognitive foundation that will help in school, at work or in your retiring years. Looking for neurofeedback home training, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder training centre for kids? We’ve you covered!

Neurofeedback training Setia Alam
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At Braining we belief that there is a neurofeedback treatment and prevention for everyone who wants a better life. We help children, professionals and seniors towards a better mental health with brain training.

A headband capable of tracking and measuring your attention, focus and mental activity.

Memorie App
Memorie App

A brain training game app, which has 16 games compatible with the Senzeband to help train your brain.

Smarty Knights
Smarty Knights

A fun and interactive game compatible with the SenzeBand, helps to train your attention, memory, mathematics, English and more!


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